Monday, November 3, 2014

Anyone else notice that church doorways particularly Catholic are shaped like labia

I was driving home one day and passed a Catholic church and saw the arched doorway and the thought hit me...that looks like a vagina! And so when I got home I googled "church doors" and "pretty pussies" and sure enough I wasn't mistaken... 

Call me crazy but I think I may have stumbled onto something hidden in plain view. Something of a religious easter egg if you will. LOL

Its not just a flat basic archway design either...many of the designs are recessed and ornate with ridges reminiscent of labia lips

Some even have lights or decorative sculpture over the arch reminiscent of a clit...cmon yall..

I may be seeing things or just incredibly horny and need to get laid..but I can't be the only one who I??

comment below if you think my observation is correct or I'm just getting loopy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When it comes to Sumata Lapdances* there are different types of dancers..

 From my observation and experience here are some:

1. The Auto Pilot- this dancer gives sumatas like its nothing..she may not even ask for extra on top of the dance its just SOP to her.. She's cool but is usually mechanical with it.. the music starts the eyes glaze over and she's on autopilot...If you meet her..and you will..she's become a regular

2. The Bomb - like the title suggests.. this dancer is the BOMB... She'll give you a good dance regardless but if  you catch her at the right time (horny) its garenteed to be the best dance you'll remember for a long time. It will be that way because it'll seem like she's genuinely trying to get you off and herself as well..its almost as if you two were damn near fucking right there in the spot (and you are).. Her pussy will get WET and she'll be moving or telling you where to rub her.  She may or may not ask for extra tip but you'll give it to her anyway..probably more than she would have gotten if she asked. The only down side is the next time you get her she may not be horny and the dance won't be as good. But she'll be a regular too.

3. The Private Dancer - Like the song this dancer is all about her money and it shows..if she does sumata youre definitely paying extra for it. She may give a good lapdance but all the negotiating and money talk before hand kinda takes the fun down a notch. If 1 and 2 arent available you'll take her..but only if you HAVE to..

4. The Rookie - this dancer is the reluctant novice..she barely gives a good regular lapdance and asking for anything more just brings on more sighs and nervous looks..she'll be the warm or two dances at the most just to get the ball rolling (pun intended) so you won't be dealing with the others from a cold start..

*sumata lapdance: Sumata(Japanese: 素股, literally: "bare crotch") is a form of frottage, performed by a female sex worker upon a male client. The sex worker rubs the client's penis with her hands, thighs, and labia majora. The goal is to stimulate ejaculation without penile-vaginal penetration. This activity circumvents regulations against sexual intercourse.

The rise in popularity is analogous to the growth in popularity of Western brothels and strip clubs offering non-penetrative lap dancing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Subliminal message...The Vagina Is Dangerous!!

For the last 30 years, Hollywood has for the last few decades been subliminally telling us that pussy is evil. All of the most popular scifi films of the last few decades have all had the shape of the vagina incorporated into their designs. H.R. Giger, the designer of the Alien purposefully did it  as well as the design team for the "brain bug" in Star Troopers. It leaves a nagging question? Are they saying that the vagina is potentially the most dangerous thing in the galaxy?

whats your take?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HOW TO SHOOT PORN - Cameramen listen up!!

There is NOTHING more annoying and irritating than a sloppy amateurish and just plain FUCKED UP camera work on a hot sex scene.Yet this happens more often than not. The reason for this is that most porn camera ops didn't go to film or video school, didn't pick up a book on how to shoot and really didn't bother with learning how to shoot for COVERAGE.

Most just imitate what they see on MTV and think they're being cutting edge or cool when in actuality they being a pain in the ass for the viewer.
Seeing quick cuts, fast/slo motion and acute angles in a video may look cool of your shooting a Kayne west video but in porn its fucking ANNOYING...i'll say it again..IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING!!!

As viewers and more directly VOYEURS of sex... all we want to see is good lighting for a clear scene, good sound and simple camera work.
But for some reason what we get is half assed lighting, so so sound and camera work that looks like Fellini on crack. But lets get to the point...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fuzzy or Bald you must CHOOSE ONE!